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A Note From Kim Manz

Dear Parents,

For almost 50 years the handbell choirs have been a musical tradition at Plymouth Church.

This year, all middle and high school students will have the opportunity to start ringing handbells at the same time and progress together.

Playing handbells is a fun teambuilding musical ensemble. Each person plays different handbells, so every person’s part is important.

New ringers do not need to be able to read music to play. Lee Ann Thompson and I will teach everything . . . rhythm, note values, ringing techniques, and more.

We have a newly renovated room and an enormous amount of handbells that are wanting to be played.

Please consider having your school student give handbells a try.

Rehearsals will be from 4-4:30pm on Sundays for Middle School Handbells and 11-11:30am for High School Handbells on Sundays.

Please contact Kim Manz, Minister of Music and Fine Arts, if you have any questions.

We look forward to meeting and working with your youth!

Register for Middle School Handbell Choir here:

Register for High School Handbell Choir here:


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