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Confirmation Small Groups Night

This Sunday is Confirmation Small Groups! We will continue our discussion on “Faith in an Anxious World,” including "What is my anxiety telling me" followed by a fun art project that explores different types of self care that your youth can engage in. Youth Cafe is not going to be held this Sunday so please make sure your youth has had a snack beforehand if there is concerns that they will be hungry while we are meeting.

Just a reminder of the added steps we are taking to keep our youth and volunteers safe:

1.We will still require masks. If you have access to N95 mask, even better!

2. Youth Cafe will be only held on limited Sundays and will only be serving take home snacks. We will no longer be eating during confirmation.

3. We will social distance as much as possible

Transitions can be difficult but we are committed to make Confirmation safe, fun, and full of fellowship!


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